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Rainbow Six Siege Coaches Gotcha and Helbee Thinks Capitao Needs a Nerf



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

Aaron “Gotcha” Chung coaching Evil Geniuses since 2018 October and he also known with his skills while playing the game. With that experience, Gotcha thinks Capitao needs nerf and He thinks Capitao’s bolts should be caught by Jager‘s ADS. Also, Team Secret‘s Coach Helbee thinks bolt damage should be decreased and defenders have least option to survive. On the last update of Rainbow Six, Capitao’s Dart fire AOE size increased.

Gotcha said:

“The new capitao fire bolts are scary. Capitao is so good now at getting people out of spots. I think the bolts are a bit too strong atm. Most of the time you have a teammate holding the angle in competitive play while you fire someone out, it almost guarantees a free kill.”

Team Secret Coach Louis “Helbee” Bureau replied:

“There is a lack of solutions for the defender right now. There is only one thing you can do and it’s leaving the spot you are in which will result in a kill like you said. If they are to keep this AOE, they need to nerf the damage way down so you can survive a full arrow.”


“I think capitao bolts should be caught by jager ads”


“Probably but that solution is removing part of what made Capitao Unique in the first place. He was not affected by ADS. I think the interaction where if you shoot at the ceiling was enough of a buff to open more options for Capitao players. Keep the with the Cap V1”

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