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Rainbow Six Siege Developer Says There Will No Siege 2.0



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Rainbow Six Siege’s developer team has made a ‘question & answer’ session on Reddit and revealed the most wondered questions of the community.

When the game was first introduced to the gaming community, it felt like a milestone for the scene because the game felt so much realistic and tactical compared to the other first-person shooter games.

There were only 20 operators in the beginning, but the developers mentioned that they are aiming to have 100 operators in the game. Right now, there are 60 operators in the game including the latest operator, Thunderbird.

However, the game feels so hard to play due to the cheaters and bugs. Because of that, some of the content creators and professional players started to discuss the idea of bringing a new Siege game, which wouldn’t have the same problems.

As the community was still thinking about this idea, Creative Director named Leroy revealed that they won’t make any Siege 2.0 game in the near future because they are still aiming to release 100 operators.

Even though Leroy pointed out that the game will last longer than people expected, Leroy didn’t detailed if Ubisoft decides to stop updating the game once they release 100 operators and start to build a new game.

One of the users asked:

“I know people working with r6 have said in the future they hope for around 100 operators, but now do you genuinely feel that is realistic with the trajectory the game is following right now and if not how do you see the longevity of this game going?”

Creative Director, Leroy replied:

“We still want to reach 100 operators.

However, when we claimed this, the game was in a very different state. Remember, we only had 20 operators at launch, meaning on each side you had only 10 ops available, and you were picking 5 out of 10…. So in terms of meta, diversity, and player creativity, it was very low.

This statement of reaching 100 operators was a strong symbol of us, the Siege dev team, claiming and saying to our community that we were here to stay, and that they was no Siege 2 happening.

These days we have many more operators, and while it’s still good to continue to add them to the pool, we believe that we should focus on other core gameplay elements.

That is why we reduced the number being released per season, to invest more on Balancing, Reworks, attacker repick, and all the other change that impact the gameplay and ultimately that impact everyone (not only the one picking the new ops).”

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