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Rainbow Six Siege Player AceeZ Explains How Ping Is Affecting The Game



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Maurice Erkelenz, known as “AceeZ,” is a 23-year-old German Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Rogue for over six months. Previously, he was playing for Giants Gaming.

AceeZ has replied to the video of Fnatic player Etienne “Magnet” Rousseau shared on Twitter and revealed how ping matters in the game.

He stated that if you have a high ping, and you are holding an angle, you will be dead. However, if you peek with your high ping, you will definitely win the gunfights. In this way, AceeZ proved that peeker’s advantage is a thing in the game.

Here is what Magnet captioned:

“Just one of many examples. It’s hard to play the game correctly when if you hold an angle you die.”

AceeZ replied:

“Holding angle with high ping = loss. Peeking = always win.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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