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Rainbow Six Siege Player Alphama Unveils His Thoughts About The Roster Changes: “It Doesn’t Work!”



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Léo Robine, known as “Alphama,” is a 19-year-old French Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing eUnited for over five months. Before that, he was playing for Giants Gaming and LeStream Esports.

On a recent Tweet on his official Twitter account, Alphama revealed his opinion about the roster changes and explained why it is not the best choice of getting better.

Alphama stated that these changes wouldn’t work even though it seemed great on paper. Because the team needs soul and organizations are killing the soul of the team by removing one player.

Here is what Alphama said:

“Many roster changes that made sense on paper eventually ended up worsening teams. It’s because very often people don’t get that removing that one player will kill the team’s ‘soul,’ and will never reach the expectations you had from that move.

This tweet isn’t referring to anything special btw, just something I deeply believe in, standing united.”

DarkZero Esports player Hotancold replied:

“Roster changes are scary, you just never know how well that person will fit in.”

Alphama wrote:

“Exactly, also you may not see everything you’re loosing too. Every player is different, has his pros and cons, and many teams forget the pros.”

You can read the tweets below.

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