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Rainbow Six Siege Player Easilyy Says They Need Faceit Pro League As Soon As Possible



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Kevin Skokowski, known as “Easilyy,” is a 23-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Susquehanna Soniqs for over seven months. Previously, he was playing for Rogue.

Easilyy took to his official Twitter account to criticize the ranked mode in the game and revealed why they need a Faceit Pro League feature.

In the post, Easily stated that ranked is not fun anymore to play, and it is only viable and fun if you could face professional players. Because of that, the players need a feature like Faceit Pro League, which allows professional players to queue with each other like in CS:GO.

Here is what Easilyy said:

“I want an FPL mode so bad in siege hopefully now that face it runs the pro league they can do some kind of charm or something for playing FPL so there’s an incentive.

Only time ranked is enjoyable anymore is when u play other pro stacks if u play anyone else u just have to afk and stare at a window until vigil peeks it.”

A fan user named Shadow replied:

“f there’s a good enough incentive for people it might change the way people actually play and start to really think about strategy and learn siege in a more structured form as well.”

Another fan named Nick wrote:

“Every time an FPL/Ten man server pops up it dies because no one can crouch walk into site and shoot four or five people in the back.”

You can read his tweets below.

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