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Rainbow Six Siege Player FoxA Is Grateful To His Coach For Bizarre Reason



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In June 2018, Davide Bucci, known as “FoxA” joined the Cloud9 squad. After 6 months, in January 2019, FoxA left the team and joined the Team Reciprocity. On 28 Novmeber, 21 year old player said that their coach Anthony “HOP3Z” Lee is one of his kind. Also, he mentioned the roster shifts that some coaches joining the main rosters.

HOP3Z is a former Vegas 2 player and he also joined Team Reciprocity in January 2019.

FoxA said:

“Happy thanksgiving let’s all thank @HOP3Z for coaching instead of taking all our jobs being a player. He is one of a kind. But seriously spread love a positivity, enjoy time with your loved ones and get fat off some food!”

His teammate Nyx replied:

“Thank you @HOP3Z for letting me keep my job. I know you don’t miss your shots so”

HOP3Z replied:

“You are both welcome. One day I will save NA but the timing ain’t right.”

You can check the tweets bleow.

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