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Rainbow Six Siege Player FoxA Warns The Community: “If I Get Banned, It Is Not Me”



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Davide Bucci, known as “FoxA,” is a 22-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Oxygen Esports for over three months. Before that, he had played for Cloud9, Team Reciprocity, and more.

FoxA took to his official Twitter account to warn the whole Siege community because of the possibility of losing his Ubisoft account to the hackers.

In the tweet, FoxA mentioned that someone tried to log in to his account twice and warned everybody before anything happens. He said that If he gets banned or write something weird, it is not him that using the account.

Here is what FoxA said:

“This is the second day someone tried to log into my ubi account so if I get banned or if I’m saying something wild in chat. It’s not me. Just being safe and tweeting this before anything.”

A fan named Zero replied:

“They really need to fix this shit, it’s so dumb…”

Another fan named Alan replied:

“I checked my email this morning and had the same shit, mad stupid bro…”

You can read the tweet below.

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