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Rainbow Six Siege Player Goddess: “This Team Is Looking So Scary”



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One of the greatest female Rainbow Six Siege players in the world, Lauren Williams, known as “Goddess,” is a 23 year old American player who has been playing for Susquehanna Soniqs since March 2019. Before that, she had played for teams like Cloud9 and Elephant Gang.

On 14th January 2020, after she watched the Spacestation Gaming, Goddess said that they are looking so scary right now.

Here is what Goddess wrote:

“SSG is lookin scary…still.”

A fan, user named DamnGeoff asked:

“Who you think deserves the invite?”

Goddess replied:

“Statistically, G2. I don’t think anybody “deserves” it though. I feel like they have the right to fight for their title tho”

You can read her tweets below.

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