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Rainbow Six Siege Player Goga Complains About Echo Bug: “It’s Disappointing That They Haven’t Fix It Yet!”



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Daniel Mazorra Romero, known as “Goga,” is a 25-year-old Spanish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under Team Vitality jersey for over seven months. Previously, he was playing for G2 Esports.

Goga showed his disappointment to Ubisoft by sharing a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about the current status of the game.

In the post, Goga compared te other games like League Of Legends and World Of Worldcraft with Siege and said that they are dealing with these kinds of bugs in one day and we are still waiting for Ubisoft to fix the Echo’s drone bug for a month. By saying these, Goga showed his disappointment to the developers.

Here is what Goga said:

“Just a reminder, even tho 99% of people hate to play against echo, it’s been almost 1 month since his drones are bugged, still no hotfix.

You see this happening to a champion in League Of Legends, class in Worlds Of Worldcraft, etc, and it would be fixed in a matter of days. Disappointing.”

Giants Gaming coach GiG replied:

“Unacceptable that it takes months to solve things. Every bug takes so long to get fixed…”

You can check out the post below.

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