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Rainbow Six Siege Player Karzheka Reveals The Real Reason Why He Left Team Empire



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21-year-old Estonian Rainbow Six Siege player Eugene Petrishin, known as “Karzheka,” had been playing for Team Empire since August 2018. About three weeks ago, he left the team and joined Rogue.

Karzheka took his official Twitter account to clear the air about the speculations about why he left Team Empire and explained the reason behind his departure.

In the tweet, Karzheka stated that he is the one who decided to leave the team and said that he felt like he stopped enjoying the game and couldn’t improve himself with the team. Also, Karzheka wrote that there is no bad blood in between him and his teammates.

Here is what Karzheka said:

“I feel like I should tell it once again. I see a lot of ppl in chat writing ‘they thought karzheka was the problem.’ ‘They dropped karzheka for that’ etc. Are these jokes or not, I wanna say it again. I made a decision to leave Empire.

It was my decision cause I felt like I stopped enjoying playing the game and stopped evolving, so i wanted to change everything in my career. There’s no bad blood between us, I love all the empire boys. That’s it.”

A fan named Tom replied:

“Hey business is business if you feel it’s the right choice and will help you even more in long run that’s on you.”

Another fan named Mikael wrote:

“People are just dumb, there is still A lot of people that think that G2 kicked Fabian even though they all made clear that it was his decision to leave the roster.”

You can check out the tweets below.

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