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Rainbow Six Siege Player Lacky Thinks Europe Pro League Should Be Bigger – Pengu Joined The Topic



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British Rainbow Six Siege player Ryan “Lacky” Stapley has been playing on professional level Rainbow Six Siege since 2016. Currently, he is playing for T3H Esports. On 6 June, he tweeted about the Pro League and G2 Esports player Pengu replied to him.

Lacky said:

“Honestly, we talk about EU PL not being big enough and I totally agree. Anyone else think EU CL could also be bigger? EU just has way too many competitive teams.”

Pengu replied:

“Bigger isn’t always better, this way we keep high competetion without too much gap between top and buttom, even CL has far superior top 4 teams than buttom 4 same with pl, there is already a significant difference it would only be bigger with more spots plus more playdays/cast Integrity is super important, imagine just two more teams. Per region, it would increase casting hours significantly adding another hour minimum per cast per day of the week plus CL”

Lacky replied:

“I’m thinking purely from the perspective of number of teams and strength, not from ESL’s ability to actually cast and present the games right now. Im just looking at all the teams looking to qualify whom are stronger than the teams who were in bottom 4 CL last season, must be 10+”

Pengu continued:

“I can agree with that point, but one comes with the other unfortunately, it would also mean equally more teams for every other region, which doesn’t have the same competetive integrity as eu does currently”

Lacky said:

“I really feel to be able to exploit each region to its fullest they must be able to treat each region on an individual basis in some regards. EU has the capability to host more competitive matches? Give it to them. NA’s caught up? Let em have it. I know in reality they’ll likely never do something like it, I just think its silly to have to expand say APAC when one of the regions can’t fill its entire Pro League because the other regions need to be expanded. Or be unable to expand because of a lack of team in other regions”

You can read the conversation below.

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