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Rainbow Six Siege Player LaXinG Explains Why Having A Pet Is Sucks



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Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirelez is a 22-year-old Rainbow Six Siege player who is playing for Team Reciprocity. In the past, he had played for Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud9 and more. On 26 June, he explained that why having a pet is really bad.

LaXinG said:

“Having a pet really fucking sucks. Seeing them struggle/suffer has got to be one of the most heartbreaking things to witness. Especially when you can’t do anything about, besides watch.”

A fan named Andrew Lefler replied:

“I know the feeling brother. My baby passed away on me back in November. He went into renal failure and there was literally nothing we could do. He was fighting to stay alive. One afternoon while no one was home he passed away. I miss him everyday.”

LaXinG replied:

“I’m sorry to hear that man. I’ve already had to put down one dog in my life due to suffering. I just can’t imagine doing this shit again. Given seeing her struggle and the thoughts of cancer making her like 1000x worse”

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