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Rainbow Six Siege Player LaXInG: “Fix The Knife Peeking”



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Gabriel Mirelez, known as “LaXInG,” is a 23-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Oxygen Esports for over nine months. Before that, he had played for Team Reciprocity, Cloud9, and more.

Even though Rainbow Six Siege is one of the greatest FPS games in the century, the game and its community suffer from the exploits and bugs that occur with the release of almost every new operation.

Recently, Ubisoft released Operation Crimson Heist, which features new operator Flores, Border rework, and many more. However, the community found a game-breaking bug that gives players an unfair advantage while peeking.

When you start meleeing and leaning at the same time, it makes you so fast that the enemy could see you only less than a second. However, you could see the enemies much cleaner and faster.

This bug is so devastating that even Twitch streamer and analyst Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley complained about it. He said that it is pretty unfun to play against while sharing a video about the bug on Twitter.

LaXInG also wanted to show his reaction to this insane bug and likened it with CS:GO’s jump/crouch peeking. Afterward, he wanted Ubisoft to fix this problem before the Pro League starts.

A few years ago CS:GO players found out that if you jump and crouch after a second, you can see the enemies over the wall. However, the enemies couldn’t see or hear you while you were doing it. Fortunately, Valve fixed the bug immediately.

Here is what LaXInG said:

“Knife peeking in Siege is literally the exact same thing with the jump/crouch peeking in CSGO not that long ago. It’s so busted and it really needs to be addressed.

So Ubisoft, we really need to be focusing on fixing this as soon as possible especially with PL just starting.”

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