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Rainbow Six Siege Player LaXinG Gives A Bizarre Gift To His Mother



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Gabriel Mirelez, known as “LaXinG” is a 22-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing Team Reciprocity since 7 January 2019. Before that, he was playing for Cloud9. In 3 years, he earned almost $70.000 from the tournaments.

On 30 November, he gave one of the best setups that players have for his mother. He said that she will be the best nurse in the gaming community.

LaXinG said:

“My mom was going to get a laptop so she could continue her schooling in furthering her RN license, so instead of a laptop I gave her a gaming setup lol. My mom officially has one of the best setups in nursing!”

DarkZero Esports player Skys replied:


A worker from Ubisoft, ant replied:

“bet she ends up complaning about the refresh rate of the monitors at her school soon. on a more serious note: very nice of you to do for your mom! family support is such amazingly important thing to have. im sure it means the world to her!”

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