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Rainbow Six Siege Player LaXinG Thinks Esport Is Not Safe



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Gabriel Mirelez, known as “LaXinG” is a 22-year-old Rainbow Six Siege player. He had played for teams like Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming and many more. Currently, he is playing for Team Reciprocity since January 2019. On 23 June, he shared his concerns about the esports scene.

LaXinG said:

“one of my biggest cons personally with playing professionally, is in esports there’s no safety. There’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll have a job the next day. Players aren’t protected and nor do they have much say in things. You gotta constantly live in the moment. For example everything that’s going on in my life and that has been going on. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day. I can’t take days off, I can’t take a sick leave, and expect my job to still be there if I need a lot of time. I’m absolutely forced to suck everything up. Because if I don’t and I let my emotions get to me or just life in general. It’ll affect my gameplay and I’ll fall behind. So I gotta muster up as much energy as I can so I can keeping pushing at to play and still strive to be the best that I can and more.”

He added:

“Esports is ruthless in that sense. It sucks knowing that everything that’s been going on and in the past. I can’t sit there and take a break or a breather without adding even more stress in my life. Because I feel if I take those steps it’s the same steps to being career-less. And I know I’m not the only pro gamer to feel this way. It’s a very stressful life as I said in the past. It’s not easy by any means. And these are just one of the cons. There’s plenty of pros. But with how life has been recently, it just shows how much gaming controls everything”

LaXinG continued:

“In my life. Obviously these past weeks have been rough on me emotionally and mentally. But it hasn’t stopped me from performing and doing the best that I can. But I just want people to really understand pro gaming is not easy. I talked about this before. But this is just another thing added onto it. I just hope in the future of esports and up and coming stuff. That at some point players don’t have to feel constantly stressed, and if there’s major life things going on they can take that breather they need. But to everyone who’s reached out to me I really do appreciate it. Means the world to me. I know things get better over time, and time in many situations is something you never seem to have enough of. But I’ll be fine, just need to vent with all this stress. But again, thank you.”

Team Secret coach Helbee replied:

“It’s rough man. A little over half of my yearly income is coming from prize pool so I’m basically losing money every month waiting on the prize money. I save up everything for rough months and potential emergency. I can only spend on basic things like apt, food and internet.”

LaXing to Helbee:

“I could imagine, because I know coaches don’t make as much as players let alone even half. So I can imagine.”

Famous Streamer and Former player Z1ronic said:

“Theres much more to it then just playing, if you’re a footballer you’ll have the same issue. Its building a brand, understanding how to not limit your opportunity, and have a backup plan. Many jump into this feat first with no thought of what they’ll do I a few years.”

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