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Rainbow Six Siege Player LaXinG Unveils Why He Beats Himself Up



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One of the greatest aimers in the Rainbow Six Siege scene is Gabriel Mirelez, known as “LaXinG,” is a 22-year-old player who has been playing for Team Reciprocity since January 2019. Before that, he was playing for Cloud9.

On 9th January 2020, after he started underperforming in the matches, he said that this is why he beats himself up.

LaXinG said:

“I appreciate the support in people telling me not to beat myself up. And honestly I hold myself to the highest standards when it comes to performance. Will I dwell on it fuck no, but will I my beat myself up over it 100%, because I’m never satisfied with a performance especially”

He added:

“A fuck up that costed. Never will I allow myself to be complacent which is another reason I beat myself up. I want to remain at the top and never fall short. It’s all a learning experience. But nonetheless I will always hold myself accountable and be better for the future.”

A fan named Lendezi replied:

“And that’s honestly the best attitude anyone could ask for. Always looking to improve and become better, never settling, that’s what makes some of the best become even better.”

You can check his tweets below.

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