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Rainbow Six Siege Player Liven Gives A Untold Tip For The Players That Hates Ranked



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22-year-old French Rainbow Six Siege player Gaël “Liven” Gruyere had played for teams like Millenium, XTreme Video Esport and more.  Since 5 June, he is playing for SleepY. On 2 July, he tweeted that players can play without ranked. He redirected players to the Faceit platform.

Liven said:

“Hello for everyones who complains about Ranked you can still play Faceit. No cheaters, No DDOS, PL map pool and rules. You’re welcome.”

A fan named fryky repied:

“Its still not acceptable that a triple A devs cant make a proper ranked system after all the guidence and sugestions from pro players. 4 years later and still cancer maps in ranked and no solo q only option”


“Yes that’s the problem for competive players. The problem is not the same for casual. Ubisoft just trying do go slowly. That’s normal, if they put everything from one day to another it will just be very weird for the casual.”

fryky said:

“No, it is impossible to make exuses now, 4 YEARS LATER, THEY STILL DIDNT EVEN MAKE COLOURBLIND MODE. what are we even talking about”

Liven replied:

“Dude, i wasn’t making excuse, was just giving an opinions about why ranked still have casual elements. Nothing to do with colourblind mode”

fryky said:

“The reason why i added colourblind mode is because they’ve done liteally next to nothing outside DLC-s. R6 on technical lvl is a complete disaster (liteally nothing works) and thats 4 years after, kinda pisses me off when people try to rationalise complete lack of work from ubi”

Liven said:

“They are working. Not as fast as we want, but they do put many work in R6. Do not forget than anyone could have predict the success of the game. But nevermind i understand the frustration even if i don’t feel the same on some points.”

Liven added:

“Just wanted to say than you can enjoy the game outside of ranked. There is plenty of things to do on R6.”

G2 Esports player Goga replied:

“Issue about that is it’s so annoying to play a faceit game. If it was a click & play button like in CS:GO, it would be perfect and everyone would play it, but it’s not.”

Goga continued:

“You have to:

1- Create playlist(If you don’t have one)

2- ADD everyone to your friend list( I don’t want to have people I don’t know in my friend list) and then wait until they accept the request.

3- Invite everyone to the lobby It takes at least 5-10 minutes until everyone joins”

Liven said:

“I didn’t say it was perfect. Just underligning the fact there is not cheaters, no ddos, good maps and good rewards.”

You can read the conversation below.

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