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Rainbow Six Siege Player Panix Reveals His Biggest Fear



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Dimitri de Longeaux, known as “Panix,” is a 24-year-old Swiss/French Rainbow Six Siege player who was playing for BDS Esports. Before that, he had played for teams like PENTA Esports, Team Vitality, Mock-it Esports and many more.

On 4th January, after he kicked from the BDS Esports, he said that being kicked before the Six Invitational’s is the biggest fear for him.

Panix replied to a Twitter user name Katie:

“Being kicked out before the Six Invitational again”

Famous caster Interro replied:

“Unless you literally killed someone this decision kw fucking rubbish. I’m sorry, man.”

Panix replied:

“Thank you Parker. (I swear I didn’t kill anybody get the police out of my Twitter”

You can read the tweets below.

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