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Rainbow Six Siege Player Pengu Shares His Opinion About The Theme Park



Niclas Mouritzen, known as “Pengu” is one of the most earning players in the Rainbow Six Siege scene. 22-year-old Danish player earned over $300.000 from the events that he attended with the PENTA Esports and his current team, G2 Esports.

On 21 December, Pengu shared his thoughts about the reworked map: Theme Park.

Pengu said:

“I generally believe Theme park was built with PL in mind, which seems to be a HUGE issue in ranked, due to it requiring too much coordination and map control, winning attacks just arent a thing in my games for both sides”

Team Vitality player Hungry replied:

“Ohhh boi then you didn’t see my strats yet”

Former player KingGeorge replied:

“I think it just is kinda awkward, not necessarily a bad map layout wise. There are just so many corners/rooms off site to drone in ranked. Onsite there is not enough cover to comfortably anchor IMO.”

FaZe Clan player cameram4n said:

“When I play this map in ranked I try to organize strats with The team even when I’m soloQing, sometimes it works, but I agree with you tho”

You can check the tweets below.

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