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Rainbow Six Siege Player risze Unveils The Differences Between Rogue And Giants Gaming



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Valentin Liradelfo, known as “risze,” is a 27-year-old Belgian Rainbow Six Siege player who was playing for Giants Gaming, also known as Vodafone Giants since August 2019. In 2020, Rogue signed the Giants’ roster.

A few days ago, during the interview with, risze revealed the differences between these two organizations. asked:

“How has the swap from Giants Gaming to Rogue been like?”

risze replied:

“I will be very honest, it was terrible. Giants was scared about Rogue’s interest towards us even before any concrete offers and tried absolutely everything to deny us our right to be transferred, including trying to recruit a Challenger League lineup behind our backs to replace us (they didn’t know the PL spot is owned by the players, not the org). That led us into a lot of discussions that delayed the inevitable”

He added:

“In Rogue, we discovered a great community which actually speaks English and cheers for us (it wasn’t the case in Giants). We’re feeling at home and are more than happy to wear the colors and represent them!”

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