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Rainbow Six Siege Player Shockwave Takes A Break From Competitive Play And Leaves



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Artyom Simakov, known as “Shockwave,” is a 24-year-old Russian Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for teams like forZe, Team Empire, and many more. Since May 2020, he had been playing for

Yesterday, both and Shockwave made a new announcement on their official Twitter account about the future of the Russian player and revealed that he will be leaving while taking a break from the professional scene.

Furthermore, Shockwave stated that it was such an honor to play with great teammates and representing an organization like and thanked to the community who has been supportive from the beginning of his journey. Also, he mentioned that he might return to the scene in the future.

Here is the official announcement from

“Shockwaver takes a break from Rainbow Six Siege and leaves As a member of, Shockwave has won European Open Clash and Russian Major League Season 4! :trophy: He also took 3rd place in Six Major August and November.”

Shockwave said:

“It was an honor to play in such a good team and an even greater honor to play in virtus pro. I spent 5 wonderful years surrounded by a great community, thanks to everyone who supported me along the way. Maybe in the future we will meet again.”

You can check out the post below.

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