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Rainbow Six Siege Player Skys Says This Is The Worst Season Of The Rainbow Six Siege History



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Alexander Magor, known as “Skys,” is a 23-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing DarkZero Esports for over ten months. Previously, he was playing for Team Reciprocity.

While everybody in the community was complaining about the problems like servers, cheaters, unfixed bugs, and more, they hope that most of these issues will be fixed in the recently released operation, Shadow Legacy. However, the problems got worse.

Skys took to his official Twitter account to reply to the posts of Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero and Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen and criticized the game.

In the post, Skys mentioned that this season is the worst of all time in the Rainbow Six Siege history while Goga and Kantoraketti were speaking about the bugs that they face during the new season.

Goga shared a clip:

“Why is this even a thing…”

Kantoraketti replied:

“Dude I dunno, but this season I’m experiencing this shit way more than before, so fucking many times I get shot behind corners like this w/o seeing the enemy at all… same with if I peek someone holding an angle I can see a tiny bit of their head but on KC it shows they peek wide.”

Skys replied:

“Same man. This is the most unenjoyable bullshit season of all time.”

You can check out the post below.

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