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Rainbow Six Siege Player Yung Calls Out The Organizations: “I’m Ready!”



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Austin Trexler, known as “Yung,” is a 23-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for teams like Vertical Gaming, Continuum, Evil Geniuses, and more. In his career, he earned around $100.000 from the events.

On a recent Twitter post, Yung has called out the organizations in the scene and stated that he is ready to beat the scene. He said that they shouldn’t be worried if he has the motivation or not, because he is motivated than he ever been.

Here is what Yung said:

“Not gonna say much more but if you want to pick me up you won’t have to worry about motivation problems. I am more motivated now than ever to make it back to the top. I also have a team-first attitude and give everything a %110.”

A fan named Ryan replied:

“It would be a mistake to not pick you up.”

Another fan named Justin wrote:

“I respect the shit out of you man. Good for you for staying hungry and I wish nothing but the best.”

You can read the post below.

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