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Rainbow Six Siege Players Easilyy and Goga Shares Their Opinions To Balance The Game



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Rogue player Kevin “Easilyy” Skokowski and G2 Esports player Daniel “Goga” Romero comes with great ideas to play in the better environment in Siege. On 13 June, Easilyy said that the crouching feature that Counter-Strike has should be in the Rainbow Six Siege and Goga replied to him.

Easilyy said:

“Crazy idea but what if rainbow took drop shotting back out and made the crouch slam like CS and made leaning slower so you couldn’t spam”

Goga replied:

“I don’t dislike the fact that you can spam leaning but what I really think is that crouch should be used for holding a position and not peeking. I’d love to see crouch walking speed reduced.”

Easilyy said:

“Completely agree”

You can check the tweets below.

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