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Rainbow Six Siege Players Pengu, KingGeorge, Macie Jay, Gotcha Criticizes MMR Rollback System



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On 2 July, G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege player Pengu and former professional player/Streamer KingGeorge also Streamer/Youtuber MaciaJay and Evil Geniuses coach Gotcha discussed the rollback MMR system in ranked. The conversation started with a tweet from Pengu.

Pengu said:

“I think its insane that I lose points in ranked for BEATING cheaters, I BEAT THEM, I PLAYED THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME AND WON FAIRLY why do I lose points? hackers lose = I dont gain points, hackers win = I get it back BUT only if/when banned… FUQ”

KingGeorge replied:

“People can boost if they don’t roll it back. Cheater cheats to 10,000 elo. Cheater queues, person queues and pays them, they throw you get tons of elo. What doesn’t make sense is the peak elo system imo.”

Pengu to KingGeorge:

“I do think we need a rollback system or a punishment system for cheating / boosters etc, dont get me wrong, but the current implementation is just “Poor” in my opinion seeing as the honest people are suffering more than the ones getting boosted it seems”

KingGeorge said:

“I know what you are saying, but the elo peak cap is the problem, not really the rollback. Say you are at 5000 elo, lose 100 to cheaters. Gain 70 back legit, 30 by beating a cheater. If they people you lost 100 to get banned first you get zero back. 2nd gets banned you go to 4970. If the system didn’t have a cap you would be at 5070 by the end of it.”

Pengu replied:

“Ooooh I see, that explains a lot to be honest regarding my own elo LMAO”


“Same I lost 500+ elo to cheaters, then I got double screwed and lost 300 more in rollback from cheaters I beat while getting 0 back, bc I passed my elo peak.”


“I wasnt aware it worked with an elo peak until now, but it literally explains why I dont gain any, yet lose a bunch. are you saying that my elo is being kidnapped sir?”


“Our elo is gone sir”

Also Gotcha to Pengu:

“MMR rollback definitely isn’t perfect but how else would mmr rollback work? Should people who had cheaters on their team also lose points when they lose a game with cheaters on their side?”

Pengu replied:

“I mean in MOST cases the cheater is boosting them anyhow and theres a big chance they wouldnt win. I think it should only punish the premade squad, if a hacker soloques nobody gets punished, if they are in a party, they do. to me that makes more sense as you “played” with him”

Gotcha said:

“I think ubi purposefully set it up this way to just do away with any complexity in combatting boosting/cheating in ranked. I agree with you tho, if you win against a cheater you should probably just be able to keep the elo.”

MacieJay to Pengu:

“The reason is to preserve a specific proportion of ranks, if every win counted but not the losses the average rank would shift up making the higher ranks more common than desired.”

You can read the conversation below.

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