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Red Dead Online In Game Economy Has Been Revised



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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online multiplayer version of the in-game economy has come to complain a lot about. Rockstar, made some changes in the game to find solutions to complaints.

The beta version of Red Dead Online was released publicly last week. The biggest complaint of the players is that it is very difficult to make money in the game. Two types of currencies are being used to develop weapons and activate some special skills, such as a quick return to the camp. Cash and premium gold bars win was really hard in the released beta version.

Rockstar revised the in-game economy by hearing the complaints. The famous game developer has increased the amount of cash and gold bars earned in the game missions and events. Fish, leather etc. small pieces were previously balanced. These changes are now available in the game.

Due to the beta version, such changes in the game may affect the players. Rockstar, 6 December on the game before midnight as a thank you to the users, they can use in-game  250$ and 15 gold bars gave. These bonuses are expected to reach accounts by 14 December.