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Relyks Explains Why Marshall Is Too Strong In Valorant



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Skyler Weaver, known as “Relyks,” is a 26-year-old American former CS:GO player who had played for teams like eUnited, Team Singularity, and more. In June 2020, he joined Cloud9’s Valorant team but left the roster in April 2021.

Recently, one of the content creators of the Valorant scene, thwifo, shared his opinion about how Riot Games balanced the weapons in Valorant and showed his appreciation to the developers for their attention.

Relkys replied to his post and shared his opinion about the current weapons as well as claiming that the bolt-action sniper riffle Marshall is actually too strong right now.

In the tweet, the experienced player pointed out that it can one-shot the players who don’t have armor, has a high fire rate even thought it is a bolt-action, and almost doesn’t have any recoil in noscopes.

Furthermore, Relkys stated that lowering down the fire rate as well as the hip fire accurary will be a great nerf to the weapon. Besides that, increasing the price around 200 credits will make the gun more okay to play against.

Relkys on Marshall:

“The gun 1 shots to the body with no shield, has a fast af fire-rate for a bolt action & has what feels like near perfect hip-fire accuracy. 

I should add the Marshall takes skill obviously (unlike the Judge xD) & there’s not much they could change without gutting the weapon. I wouldn’t change damage, in my opinion, lower the fire-rate a bit maybe, or lower the hip fire accuracy (or revert price)? In 2 seconds the Marshall can fire 3 shots.”

You can check out the post below.

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