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Renegades CS:GO Player Hatz Says He Can Do Better



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21-year-old Australian CS:GO player Jordan Bajic, known as “Hatz,” has been representing Renegades for over two months. Before that, he was playing for ORDER. In his career, he earned around $40.000 from the events.

A few days ago, during the recent conversation with, Hatz stated that he has more potential then he had shown and said that he can definitely do better. asked:

“How are you personally handling the transition, coming into a team that is inevitably going to have much higher expectations than ORDER?”

Hatz replied:

“There’s definitely a lot more pressure to perform and to be able to get good results and perform individually. It has definitely has been much more of a thing than in ORDER, as well as playing in new spots and all that sort of stuff.

I’ve had to put in a lot more work to be more confident and to be able to play those roles at a high level. I think it’s a mix of a lot of things at the moment and I think I can definitely be doing better. In the future, I’ll be doing better for sure.”

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