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Renegades CS:GO Player malta Explains Why They Agreed With mithR As A Coach



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Liam Schembri, known as “malta,” is a 24-year-old Australian CS:GO player who has been playing under Renegades jersey for over seven months. Before that, he was playing for Grayhound Gaming.

Today, malta spoke in the recent interview with and revealed his opinion about their new addition, Torbjørn “mithR” Nyborg.

In the conversation, malta stated that they were looking for a coach who doesn’t commit to change the whole game style and take control of the tactics, and mithR was perfectly fitting for the roster. He said that mithR and Chris “dexter” Nong are working pretty well right now. asked:

“You have recently announced the signing of mithR. Your team has struggled to find a coach who works for you in the past – what made the former North tactician a good fit? How does he work with the team, what did he bring to the table?”

malta replied:

“Socially he fits in well, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to hang out in person but we’ve said our hellos at past events and after a few beers with us, he’ll be one of the boys.

The thing for us is we weren’t looking for a coach to come in and completely revamp our style and try to tactically take control, he’s just worked super well with dexter to develop our established game and also provide effective criticism to the rest of us where needed.”

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