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Renegades’ INS Speaks About Their Potential In PGL



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Joshua Potter, known as “INS,” is a 23-year-old Australian CS:GO player who has been representing Renegades for over one and a half years. Before that, he was playing for Grayhound Gaming and ORDER.

INS spoke in a recent interview with and talked about expectations in the PGL Stockholm Major 2021 as well as how they are preparing for the tournament so far after arriving in Europe from Oceania.

In the conversation, INS touched upon the fact that they need to get used to the level of Counter-Strike in Europe right now and said that they will adapt to the game a couple of days later.

Furthermore, the in-game leader pointed out that there are lots of legendary teams in the Challengers stage right now and mentioned that it would be difficult to compare themselves with those teams, which will also create pressure for them.

Instead of comparing themselves with other teams, INS stated that they will be aiming to play the Counter-Strike they know, and if they managed to do so, they can easily make it to the Legends stage.

INS talked about how they would perform in the major in the interview:

“There are definitely some huge names in the Challengers stage that we’ll have to face, but it’s really difficult to compare yourself to teams that have been at the top end of the game for so long.

It’s just an added pressure that’s not necessary. We’re confident and back ourselves. I believe as long as we play the Counter-Strike we know we have in us, we can make it to the Legends stage.”

Later in the conversation, INS revealed the main goal of their European bootcamp and said that they are aiming to get themselves on an great individual level as well as improving by practicing against the best teams in the world.

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