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Respawn Entertainment Releases Apex Legends 1.1Update



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Apex Legends, one of the most active games, has been updated with version 1.1.  Today Apex Legends 1.1 Update has been released. Corrected many problems with the update, some improvements and new features added.

A feature called “The Last Squad” has been added to the game. With this feature, you can play again with your teammates in the last game.

The game’s 1.1 update is currently online and you need to install the update via Origin before you start playing.

Features that come with the patch:

Improvements for squashing scammers.

The mute option for the Home screen and the intro part.

The cheat option is activated when you want to report a user on the PC.

Added informative messages for CPU errors.

Turrets developed.

Improvements were made for stability.

Minor bug fixes.