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Retired CS:GO Player Xeta Reveals The Match That Made Him To Proceed In Competitive Level



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Son Seon-ho, known as “Xeta,” is a 23-year-old retired South Korean CS:GO player who had played for teams like TYLOO, MVP PK, GOSU, and more. In his career, he earned around $40.000 from the tournaments.

Xeta spoke in the recent interview with DBLTAP and touched upon the day he wanted to compete at the high level.

In the conversation, Xeta stated that he wanted to play in the highest tier in CS:GO after he watched the legendary rivals Fnatic and Ninjas In Pyjamas at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice in 2015 and showed how he was impressed by the audience.

Interviewer asked:

“CS:GO is very unpopular in South Korea, Matter of fact, the tactical FPS genre is not popular at all. What made you want to play CS:GO and pursue a career in CS:GO?”

Xeta replied:

“I played a lot of different games like Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends. I started to play CS:GO seriously after watching NiP vs Fnatic in IEM Katowice 2015.

Both were the best teams at the time and watching the game gave me so much joy and motivation to play the game. I began to play the game, got better while I enjoyed playing, and thought that maybe I should pursue the career of a professional gamer.”

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