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Riot Games Is Looking For A Way To Add 5-Stacks For Ranked In Valorant Thanks To Shroud



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As you might already know, Valorant was getting criticized for enabling the five-man stacks in the high-level lobbies, and the developers removed the 5 premade lobbies from the Immortal-Radiant ranks in Episode 2.However, things might change in the future.

One of the best aimers in the world who has been streaming on Twitch, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his wish for the 5-man lobbies in high elo.

After a short period, Valorant competitive designer EvrMoar replied to the tweet of Shroud and announced that they are working on a way to allow 5 premade to play together competitively in Valorant.

While EvrMoar was saying that it is taking time to actually bring a great solution or a new mode, he also pointed out that they are now trying out to find short-term solutions as they work on a bigger system.

This announcement means that we can see a new ranked mode in Valorant, such as the League Of Legends’ flex-queue mode, that allows the high-level players to play together as a 5 stack in the future.

Furthermore, EvrMore stated that there is no estimated time of arrival yet. But even this announcement was enough to make Shroud happy. Thanks to Shroud, the high-level players can play together without dealing with their toxic teammates in the future.

Here is what Shroud said:

“5 stacks… When?”

EvrMoar replied:

“I’m working on a way for 5 stacks to play together competitively, we agree we want something(unfortunately it’s taking time). We are also talking about short term solutions, while we work on the bigger system. Unfortunately no ETA’s.”

Shroud replied:

“That’s what we like to hear! Also friendly reminder that incentives to play ranked/5QComp would solve a lot of smurfing!”

EvrMoar also added:

“I’d love to hear your thoughts, or ideas you have, on this. I agree and I’m also the designer for progression right now so I’m cooking up more stuff in that space. I agree more incentives would help! Always feel free to DM me ranked feedback.”

You can check out the post below.

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