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Riot Games Makes A Change After Professional Valorant Players Complains About The Current Ranked System



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As you might already know, Riot Games has released their newest FPS game Valorant last year, and it already becomes of the best competitive games and top-tier esports games in the world right now.

However, Riot Games are still trying to find out the best matchmaking system for the game. At the start of Act III, they limited the rank tiers from 6 tiers to 3 tiers for a great matchmaking experience.

At the start of Episode 2, they prevented players from playing 5 stacks at the Immortal and Radiant ranks, and they only enabled the duo-queue for these ranks after lots of professional players and content creators’ warnings.

Afterward, the developers decided to add Diamond 3 alongside Immortal and Radiant ranks for the duo-queue matchmaking system in 2.02 patch notes. Also, they announced the system where your MMR would affect the Ranked Points you get from the matches.

Even though they were making lots of quality of life changes for the matchmaking system, there were lots of professional players that complaining about the ranked system, and the main problem was the skill gap for most of them.

What Is The Problem Of The Ranked Matches?

Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Joshua “steel” Nissan, Shawn “witmer” Taylor, Oscar “mixwell” Cañellas Colocho, and many more players were saying that Valorant matchmaking experience is really frustrating recently.

Hiko has been frequently talking loud on Twitter about how Valorant ranked mode is disaster lately, and he claimed most of the times that the matches are ending one-sided lately, ends up one team beating the other easily.

As Hiko mentioned, the biggest problem of the matchmaking system is now the skillgap between the players. Mixwell also joined him by saying that they need a rank about Radiant to make it better.

An ex-professional CS:GO player who has been playing Valorant lately, witmer, also pointed out that the matchmaking system of Valorant is by far the worst system he has ever seen in his life.

After a short period, Riot Games finally made another change to the matchmaking system and tighten matchmaking skill to hope that skill-gap between the teams won’t be as much as wide it was before.

Later on, Steel critizied the developers for not making this update three seasons ago. “They had this tech this whole time the last 3 seasons, and they chose to let us suffer instead,” Steel said via Twitter.

Here is the official announcement from Riot Games:

“Surprise Competitive update! We just rolled out some tweaks to Ranked queue that should tighten matchmaking skill. Fair warning that you may see a slight increase to queue times.”

Competitive Designer for Valorant, EvrMore said:

After investigating matchmaking, we came up with some tweaks to hopefully shrink the skill gap of players in a match. This should help out all ranks! I’ll be watching streams to see how it’s doing – Hiko, Mendo, reltuC, Drone, hazed, meL feedback from all welcome!”

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