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Riot Games Releases Valorant 3.06 Patch Notes Featuring Jett Nerfs



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Riot Games recently released the 3.06 patch notes for Valorant and revealed the changes on the official website.

The update featuring the long-awaited nerfs for Jett, who is the strongest and most-picked agent in the game. However, the nerfs didn’t hit the ability that the community wanted, which is her dashing ability.

Instead of nerfing Jett’s movement, Riot Games decided to lower her utility by removing one Cloudburst from her hit as well as removing the refreshing feature on her ultimate ability on the right clicks.

Furthermore, Skye is one of the agents that received a nerf to her flash. Now, she will be changing her flash to other materials much more later than it used to be. Additionally, her ultimate ability will cost one more charge from now.

Lastly, Riot Games decided to buff the latest agent, KAY/O, who has been underperforming for a while now. Therefore, the developers lowered the unequip times of his flash as well as removing the indicator audio of his flashes.

Riot Games explained the agent balance changes with this statement via website:

“This round of balance changes targets two Initiators: Skye and KAY/O. Skye’s benefitted from some quick movement shortly after her flashes and frequent Seekers, so we’ve slowed her down a tad and bumped the cost of her ult. For KAY/O, he should be better at hiding his FLASH/drive pitches.

And then there’s Jett. Simply put, these changes are about getting the most out of Blade Storm’s primary fire and creating matching damage rules for the alternate fire. In the same vein, there is one less smoke to work with, so choose wisely.”

Following these agent changes, Riot Games also made some of the bomsite boxes unpenetrable to give attackers more comfort while planting the spike, and the most important change happened on Icebox’s B bombsite.

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