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Riot Games Reveals When They Will Release The Ranked Mode For Valorant



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After the recent update for Valorant, most of the fans were wondering why Riot Games didn’t bring back the ranked mode as they did in the beta version of the game.

Because of these questions, Riot Games made a new announcement to clear the air about the situation by using Valorant’s official Twitter account.

In the statement, they said that there is a bug that puts competitive play at risk and prevents the players to enjoy the game. Riot Games stated that they are working really hard to fix it, and they will release the ranked mode after they fix the issue.

Here is the statement from Riot Games:

“We found another bug that puts competitive at risk, so we’re holding off turning on ranked for a while longer. Sorry for the delay, we’re working as fast as possible to get a fix and, when we get one, we’ll turn ranked on. Predicting a day or two, but nothing confirmed yet.”

A fan named Vixie replied:

“Thank you for your hard work in giving us the best competitive experience possible!”

Another fan named Gabriel wrote:

“Appreciate that the developers are working to make the competitive experience as good as possible. They care about the game and work hard for the game to improve.”

You can read the tweets below.

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