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Riot Games Teases The New Valorant Agent KAY/O – Here Are The Abilities



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While we are getting closer and closer to Valorant Episode 3 and a new agent, there have been lots of information leaked on the social media platform. Before it gets too much, Riot Games finally released a teaser about the upcoming agent, KAY/O.

As far as we can understand from the trailer, KAY/O is an initiator agent that has three abilities plus an ultimate ability just like every other agent, and it is more seems like an evolved version of the practice robots.

The first ability KAY/O has is a dagger, which can stick to a surface, explode, and suppresses everybody around the radius. The second ability is like a regular flash that can blind enemies in line of sight.

 The third ability is an explosive grenade that can cause a huge amount of damage to the area. Its ultimate ability gives KAY/O to increase the fire rate of the weapons like Reyna, and also suppresses enemies in its range for a short period.

Furthermore, it is clear to see that KAY/O can still see what’s going on around his corpse if he gets killed by an enemy during his ultimate ability, which could allow you to get back to life after a short period, possible via your teammates.

Episode 3 will be featuring KAY/O as well as new weapon skins and a battlepass, and it could also have the balancing changes for the competitive modes. Additionally, reflection mode is rumored to be come alive once again.

You can check out the video below.

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