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Rockstar Announces New Update For Red Dead Online Beta



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Rockstar Games is adjusting Red Dead Online Beta with players feedback and they rewarding players for being gentle and supportive on the beta version. Rockstar had given bonus of 5 gold bars in the 26-27th January. Players will be collect their prizes by 29th January.

Here is the some of the new changes according to Rockstar Games:

Gun Rush Feedback & Matchmaking Improvements

Following the launch of the new Gun Rush mode, we identified a few matchmaking issues, some of which we have addressed with short-term improvements and all of which we are working towards more permanent and proper fixes for in the longer term. The minor improvements should help generate fuller lobbies and we will add more fixes in upcoming title updates. Gun Rush is best experienced with as many competitors as possible, so if you had any issues with smaller lobbies around release, we strongly encourage you to give it another go this weekend as we are already regularly seeing much fuller matches on both PS4 and Xbox One.

For those who haven’t tried it yet, Gun Rush is a tooth and nail, Western style battle-royale fight to the death for up to 32 players that can be played either with Teams or as a Free For All. Players compete in an ever-shrinking battle zone with horses for quick transport (and associated risks). Skirmish for weapons ranging from Mauser Pistols to Repeating Shotguns to Fire Bottles and Dynamite Arrows – as well as for valuable, hard to obtain armor like the headshot-thwarting Ned Kelly Armor to help you survive to the end.

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