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Rogue Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Changes



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Tristan Pehrson, known as “Ranger” is an American Rainbow Six Siege coach who had been a member of Rogue since August 2017. On 2 September 2019, he announced that he released by Rogue.

Ranger said:

“Although it was made official a few days ago (so pretty much everyone is aware at this point) I was released from Rogue on Monday, right before DH Montreal, as they decided to look elsewhere for coaching staff. After more than 2 years of working with this squad, I have a lot of fond memories – I honestly never imagined working with a team that wasn’t Rogue after the success we had found together. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and after 2 unsuccessful majors, the team clearly felt the need to force some type of change to combat the problems of inconsistency that we had been facing, bouncing between US Nationals and DreamHack Valencia championships to group stage exits.”

Ranger added:

“I’m not yet sure what the future holds for me, but I am looking for opportunities to continue to pursue my professional coaching career in Siege. Hopefully other teams have recognized the highs we had as a roster and are interested in the approach I can bring to their gameplay. Looking back, I’d like to thank Tyler, Spencer, and the original Vertical Gaming roster for taking a chance on me all the way back after Y2S1 when my only competitive experience was statistics and analysis work. I’ll always count you guys as friends. Two of the best OG PC players.”

Ranger lastly said:

“Going forward, I’m excited to be casting some of the off-stream matches at DreamHack Montreal with Stoax bright and early tomorrow. So tune in for that: Beyond that, I intend on returning to putting out some Siege based content until I have more of an understand of what the future holds in my coaching career. Content creation is something I have been slacking on since joining Rogue, and I hope to bring it back to the community in the coming months.
To all the fans at Rogue nation, thank you so much for the continued support. You guys will continue to mean a lot to me. That is about it, hurts to see this chapter come to a close, saying farewell to close friends and teammates will always hurt. Look for me on and, hopefully with some more Siege content in the future. If any team is looking for an experienced coach / analyst, feel free to contact me at or here on twitter.”

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