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Rogue’s Inspired Clarifies Why Playing Solo Queue In Europe Is Bad For Junglers



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Kacper Słoma, known as “Inspired,” is a 19-year-old Polish League Of Legends player who has been playing for Rogue since May 2019. Previously, he was playing with the academy team of the organization for around five months.

Inspired spoke in a recent interview with Hotspawn and talked about his performance in the LEC Summer 2021, the meta differences compared to the last split, and also revealed why playing solo queue is actually bad in Europe as a jungler.

In the conversation, Inspired pointed out that players could get bad habits by spending so many hours in the solo queue because the playstyle is so different between the solo queue and the competitive play.

According to Inspired, players are so toxic in Europe and they all want their junglers to gank their lanes. In order to win the game, junglers need to gank too much compared to the professional scene.

Because of that, Inspired thinks that players could get bad habits very easily. However, he thinks that playing solo queue can help players to keep their form because it is keeping the mechanics good in the end, as he said in the interview.

Tom Matthiesen asked:

“What many people don’t see is how a pro stays on the top level. Obviously, there are scrims and playing solo queue, but there is much more to it. Let’s talk a bit about that. How do you stay in shape?”

Inspired replied:

“About solo queue: I’m actually not playing much. I feel that, as a jungler, solo queue is pretty bad to play. You just learn wrong stuff. I think solo queue in EU is just not good to play as a jungler.”

Tom Matthiesen asked:

“Can you expand a bit on that? Why is solo queue not good to play for junglers specifically?”

Inspired said:

“I think the game is way different in a competitive game. You can pick up so many bad habits by playing solo queue. Playing jungle in solo queue, you have to play differently than when you want to win the game in competitive play.

In solo queue, you should try to gank as much as you can and everyone is very toxic, pinging the jungler to gank every lane. People get affected by it and it makes very bad habits. So, I feel like it’s not very important to play that much. But I like playing off-roles in solo queue. I think it’s still fine to play solo queue just to keep your mechanics good.”

Rogue reached out to the finals of LEC Spring 2021, and it was the best performance of the organization since their enterance to the League Of Legends scene. Before that, they become the third-best team in LEC Summer 2020, and the fourth-best in LEC Summer 2019.

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