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Rogue’s Inspired Compares The Meta Differences Between Spring And Summer Seasons



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Riot Games has been making changes for League Of Legends for almost every two weeks, and the professional scene follows the last patch that Riot Games released. Therefore, we couldn’t see the champions such as Viego and Gwen on the rift.

Besides that, we couldn’t see the new balancing chances such as a strong Lee Sin, Rumble, Diana, and many more champions. In fact, there were only Udyr, Hecarim, Lillia, and Nidalee picked as a jungler for most of the time.

But, things have changed for the Summer Split, and Rogue’s jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma talked about the differences between these changes and meta shifts during a recent interview with

According to Inspired, the last meta they played was more based on macro and tempo focused, and it was easier to play. However, there are lots of champions that you can pick right now, which also makes mechanical skills matter more in the current patch.

Furthermore, Inspired mentioned that you need to focus on micro gameplay besides the macro gameplay and said that you need to know the limits of your champions in able to perform and win on the rift.

Interviewer asked:

“On the early game point, Rogue as a team favours playing a controlled macro game and scaling into the mid-late game. But recently, the current meta seems to be more early game focused and a lot of fighting or skirmishes. How has Rogue been adapting to it and what do you think of the current meta?”

Inspired replied:

“I think the game last season was just easier to play. It was just more macro focused and as a jungler you just had to play Udyr or Hecarim, full clear, and then play for tempo and snowball leads around drakes. Now there are so many champions being played in every role, there’s way bigger composition variations due to the number of viable champions. I would say the game now is much more skill based and mechanical skills matter more.

It’s also probably slightly harder to play now because we have to focus not only on the macro, but also on the micro to play your champions to the limit. The meta now is more complicated than it was last season, and that’s why everything looks a bit more shaky in some games.

Rogue as a team are good at adapting to everything, we just like to get advantages through draft in early game, don’t throw, focus on farming on every champion and so on. If we play well around that, it’s really hard for enemies to come back. I think Rogue’s style will always work regardless of the meta.”

Later in the conversation, Inspired also talked about why some of the teams are winning in LEC even though they statisticly shouldn’t and pointed out that there are now more ‘snowbally’ champions in the game that can capitalize on your mistakes, which makes it impossible to win against.

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