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Rogue’s Inspired Details How They Will Prepare For Worlds



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Kacper Słoma, known as “Inspired,” is a 19-year-old Polish League Of Legends player who has been playing under Rogue jersey for over two years. Previously, he was playing for the academy team.

Rogue had a great season in 2021 as they reached the finals of LEC Spring 2021. Unfortunately, they were beaten by MAD Lions. In Summer 2021, they managed to qualify for Worlds by finish in third place.

After qualifying for Worlds, Inspired spoke in a recent interview with Hotspawn and talked about how they would prepare for the biggest tournament in League Of Legends esports as they will face the international teams.

In the conversation, Inspired pointed out that the developers made lots of changes before they play in Worlds and said that they need to get ready for the new meta because of how many balance changes Riot Games made.

Furthermore, Inspired also mentioned that he didn’t like how they drafted against Fnatic and MAD Lions in the playoffs and stated that they should improve the way drafting the champions in Worlds.

Inspired on preparing for Worlds:

“There definitely will be pressure, especially because we are from EU and we are in the Play-Ins. We don’t want to do what MAD Lions did. [Laughs] I mean, I think the meta will change a lot. There are a lot of patches between Playoffs and Worlds.

I suppose that there will be many new champions, especially in the jungle. Riot is buffing and nerfing many champions that are played in the jungle. I think the game will look different. Obviously, when there are new champions, the game just looks different.

I think we will try to change our drafts a bit. I didn’t like how we drafted against Fnatic. We were playing champs that were strong in the jungle, like Trundle, but I don’t really like how it fits our team. So I would like to change some parts of our drafts, probably. I think that’s the biggest point that we should work on, right now.”

Later in the conversation, Inspired also talked about his performance in the LEC Spring 2021, which earned him an MVP award, and said that he thinks he played really well and deserved the award.

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