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Rogue’s Larssen Shared His Thoughts About Misfits Unexpected Performance



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Emil Larsson, known as “Larssen,” is a 21-year-old Swedish League Of Legends player who has been playing under Rogue jersey for over two years, and the last split, they even reached the finals.

During a recent interview with Inven Global, Larssen talked about their performances during the LEC Summer 2021 as well as Misfits Gaming’s unexpected performance in the rift, who are going for 7-1 right now.

Misfits Gaming has been competing in LEC for the past few years, but they only managed to reach out to the playoffs a couple of times. However, they shocked the community with their current performance in the summer split so far.

In the first week of the split, they upset Fnatic, SK Gaming, and Team Vitality. Unfortunately, they lost to Rogue in the next one. But they managed to beat Schalke 04 Esports as well as Excel Esports and Astralis.

With this performance, they are now sitting on top of the leaderboard ahead of Fnatic and Rogue. However, this is the week that they will get challenged for the first time. They will face MAD Lions and G2 Esports.

In the conversation, Larssen said that he has doubts about Misfits Gaming’s performance in the future but he admitted that anything can happen in best-of-one matches. Also, he mentioned that they are a really decent playoff team right now.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you believe Misfits will be up there at the end of the split? Are they strong enough to fight for top 4 after their amazing 5-1 start?”

Larssen replied:

“I am doubtful but anything can happen in best-of-1’s. I don’t expect them to be that strong at the end of the split but they can definitely be a playoff team and do well. I doubt they’ll reach Worlds but they’re definitely a decent playoffs team I think.”

Further in the conversation, Larssen also talked about buffed mage items, the new split push items in the top lane as well as the new meta of the game.

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