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Rogue’s Odoamne Is Disappointed In Himself At Worlds And Explains Why



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Andrei Pascu, known as “Odoamne,” is a 26-year-old Romanian League Of Legends player who has been playing for Rogue since November 2020. Before that, he was playing for FC Schalke 04 Esports.

Rogue is one of the most eye-catching organizations in the European regions as they competed for the trophy as underdogs. Due to their success in LEC 2021, they qualified for League Of Legends World Championship.

Unfortunately for Rogue, they couldn’t perform in the group stage as expected and couldn’t pursue the knockout stage. Following the results, Odoamne spoke in a recent interview with Ashley Kang and talked about his individual performance.

In the conversation, the experienced top laner touched upon the fact that he is pretty disappointed about his individual performance on the rift, especially because of how bad he played compared to the scrims.

As Odoamne said, he had been doing pretty good against all the top laners in the world during the scrims, but he couldn’t deliver this performance on the stage. Therefore, he is upset about his individual performance in Worlds.

Odoamne talked about his performance:

“I was kind of disappointed and I’m still kind of disappointed in myself because in scrims I was playing a lot better. I was showing up lot better performances against the other top laners.

For me, it looks a bit worse than it actually was because Khan and Nuguri in my eyes, from what I saw from the scrims and everything, I feel like they were the two best top laners in Worlds right now. I had a fun time facing them.

I feel humble because I played bad first two games against them, the other two felt like it was okay…

Looking back at Worlds, I’m kind of disappointed because I felt like I could do more. When you play the best two top laners in the world, it is kind of hard to play and have stellar performances because they don’t give you openings as in solo queue.”

You can check out the interview below.

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