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s0m Joins NRG Esports’ Valorant Team As He Retires From CS:GO Scene



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Sam Oh, known as “s0m,” is an 18-year-old American CS:GO player who had been representing Gen.G Esports for over ten months. Before that, he had been playing for Team Envy.

Recently, NRG Esports announced their entrance to the Valorant scene with the additions of their former CS:GO player and coach, Damian “daps” Steele and Chet “Chet” Singh.

Today, they made another announcement for their roster and revealed that they agreed with s0m as a second player for their Valorant squad.

NRG Esports stated that s0m will be taking the duelist role for the team, and s0m said that he is so excited to play Valorant under the NRG Esports jersey while saying goodbye to his teammates in Gen.G Esports.

Here is the announcement from NRG Esports:

“Oh… Looks like NRG Valorant found their duelist.

Please welcome s0m to the NRG family!”

Here is what s0m said:

“Excited to move forward with NRG Esports for Valorant, wanted to thank all my teammates and staff from Gen.G for the good times.”

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