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sdy Names The Two Teams That People Should Watch In PGL Major



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Victor Orudzhev, known as “sdy” and “somedieyoung,” is a 24-year-old Ukrainian CS:GO player who has been representing Team Spirit for over three years. Before that, he was playing for EL’quvet.

Team Spirit managed to qualify for the biggest tournament in the CS:GO esports scene for the last two years, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, and they have been performing pretty decent in the matches.

sdy spoke in a recent interview with and talked about their performances in the tournament, what’s their expectations for the rest of the event, which teams should people have an eye on, and more.

In the conversation, sdy revealed that the Finnish organization, ENCE, should be one of the teams that could get the attention due to their individual talent and interesting game plans and strategies.

Furthermore, the experienced player pointed out that Copenhagen Flames are the other team that should be really interesting to watch in PGL Major due to their performance at IEM Fall 2021 as well as their victory over Astralis yesterday.

sdy on which teams he is interested in watching:

“I can say that an interesting team for me is ENCE because they have some strong individuals and do crazy stuff. If you watch demos of dycha on Nuke, on the CT side, sometimes it feels weird but it works for them pretty well.

The other team is Copenhagen Flames because they had a pretty good run at IEM Fall Europe and they started pretty strong here with a victory over Astralis. They’re an interesting team to watch because they’re so young and inexperienced but still doing so well.”

Later in the conversation, sdy also talked about having inexperienced players for the major tournament and said that they are going to perform really well in further days after getting used to the environment.

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