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Sea of Thieves Season Two Is Here – Ahoy, Me Hearties!



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Sea of Thieves, the first action-adventure person multiplayer online pirate simulator developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios in 2018 has launched Season two today on April 15th, 2021. Season 2 is free for all players that have Xbox Game Pass on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10, and Steam. 

Just watch the official content Trailer and tell me you are not excited to get your crew together and start searching for riches. Sea of Thieves looks stunning utilizing Unreal Engine 4 and designed to be a friendly game providing a light canvass of a world where players can create their own stories in a sandbox setting.

Personally, I will be playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox Series X where it has strong performance. From a commercial standpoint, the game was a financial success and over 1 million players purchased the game two days after release. It was even the best-selling retail game in the UK, 6th in Switzerland the 2nd best-selling title in the United States in March 2018. 

What is in Sea of Thieves Season Two?

Season two has a ton of content to sail through including 100 levels of rewards you can unlock and a Purchasable Plunder Pass that allows you to boost the pool with more premium rewards.

It won’t be easy to be the most feared pirate on the high seas, and you will have to earn your way up like everyone else. Earn extra Renown by completing Trials: Themed sets of Deeds. 

Some of the features include:

  • Pirates with Gold to spare can purchase resource crates from the merchant alliance (Cannon balls, planks and fruit)
  • Purchase unsorted commodity crates if you are into gambling and want to test your luck (Unsorted gems, unfiltered minerals, unsorted silks, broken stone)
  • Check the merchants manifest to check out what is in demand at each outpost – make the biggest profit you can
  • New rewards for emissaries working for any of the various trading companies (Reach the highest reputation and get amazing looking ship cosmetics.
  • New weapons – fire bombs, flamethrower skull
  • New rewards for pirate legends such as the shackled phantom hull and Athena’s might cutlass
  • Forts of Fortune spawn across the vast seas – rare skeleton fort world events that test your skill and endurance
  • More powerful skeletons will drop bags of gold 
  • 11 new pirate emporium items and emotes– black phoenix ship cosmetics, popcorn, backflip, pirate trick emotes, thigh slapper emote and dark horseman costume and ship set

Sea of Thieves has always been a beloved title the fan base and Season 2 will bring a lot of players back, and new deckhands who want to live out their pirate fantasy. The game did originally have it’s setbacks where some fans were disappointed, but the developers have listened to the community and made a ton of changes and tweaks over the years and overall deserves a second chance to shine and it is a very unique title. I am very bullish on season two and if I sail past you, you better hide your gold because I am coming for ye.

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