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Sentinels Valorant Player SicK Reveals The Worst Thing That Any Player Can Do



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Hunter “SicK” Mims is a 22-year-old American former CS:GO player who decided to play Valorant in April and joined Sentinels afterward. Before Valorant, he was playing for Complexity Gaming, Rogue, and more.

SicK took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and touched upon the importance of using the same settings for years.

In the post, SicK stated that the worst thing any player could do is changing the in-game settings all the time and said that players keep doing it, even though they know this is the reason why they are underperforming.

Here is what SicK wrote:

“It’s so nice I haven’t changed my res at all in Valorant. I will never have to second guess if 1920×1080 is best for me cause it’s all I use. But I really see no reason to try anything else ever.

I think the worst thing you can do as a player is constantly change settings. Especially if that’s what you blame for poor performance. I haven’t changed a single setting since beta started.”

A fan named Smith replied:

TenZ is the best player to touch this game and changes his settings every round.”

SicK replied:

“This is the same reasoning people use when they make bad plays that work out for them. Generally, the more consistent you are in all aspects the better you’ll play over a long period of time.”

You can check out the post below.

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