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Shanghai Dragons Overwatch Player Erster Retires From Competitive Play



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Chinese organization Shanghai Dragons in Overwatch League who won the regular season 4 of Overwatch league and become the third-best team in the playoffs, has made a shocking announcement via Twitter.

In the announcement, the iconic organization stated that their young player Joon “Erster” Jeong who joined the roster in November 2020 decided to leave the competitive play and retire from the Overwatch scene.

Furthermore, the organization revealed that they have made lots of conversations with Erster during his decision-making, but they couldn’t prevent the retirement of the 20-year-old Korean prodigy.

While the Chinese organization was thanking Erster for what he has done for the team, they also wished that they had more time together. Additionally, Shanghai Dragons wished the best for their former player in the future.

“To Erster, thank you for giving everything you had and more to the team,” Shanghai Dragons said.” While we wish we had more time together, we will always respect a player’s decision to step down. We wish you nothing but the best in retirement!”

Why Erster Retired?

After a short period the announcement hit the scene, Erster also explained why he decided to retire from the Overwatch scene by recording a new video, which is released on Shanghai Dragons’ YouTube account.

In the statement, Erster said that he is honored to be a part of Shanghai Dragons, but as the season goes on, he felt overwhelmed and couldn’t live up to expectations. Therefore, he started to think about his future.

According to Erster, he had several conversations with the coaching and managing staff and decided to bid farewell to the competitive Overwatch. Afterward, he wanted to thank all of the people who supported him during this time.

Here is what Erster said:

“I’m sorry to announce my goodbye soon. I have made such good memories playing professionally in China and I am even more honored that I got to be part of the Shanghai Dragons for the final stop of my career…

As the season progressed, I felt overwhelmed and unable to live up to expectations. I thought about my future and after many conversations with the managerial and coaching staff, I finally decided to bid farewell to competing professionally…”

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