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Showmaker Responds To Mikyx: “We Are Better Than LEC”



Heo Su, known as “Showmaker,” is a 21-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing under DAMWON Gaming jersey for over three years. In his career, he earned over $240.000 from the tournaments.

About a week ago, G2 Esports’ support player Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle claimed that Korean bot laners are not good enough compared to the European and Chinese bot laners, saying that he wasn’t impressed by any of the Korean players.

Even though DAMWON’s biggest weakness was on their bot lane, which cost them losing MSI 2021 against Chinese team Royal Never Give Up, Showmaker thinks that Korean bot laners are just fine.

Because of their weaknesses in the bot lane, the orgnaization even tried out Showmaker as an AD carry for a short period as they moved their jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu to the mid lane.

Showmaker responded to the claims of Mikyx and talk about the strength of their bot laners during a post-match interview with Inven Global following their victory over Fredit BRION.

In the conversation, Showmaker admitted that Korean bot laners are behind the Chinese ones, but he doesn’t think that LEC teams are better than them. As Showmaker said, they are actually better than the European bot laners.

Furthermore, Showmaker mentioned that he doesn’t evaluate the European region as a high-skilled league because there are no teams that actually stand out. According to Showmaker, it might be worth comparing Korean and Chinese players instead of the European ones.

Interviewer asked:

“Recently, Mikyx said that the LCK bot lanes aren’t as good as the LPL or LEC. You’ve played in the bot lane this season too — what do you think?”

Showmaker replied:

“Well, maybe the LCK could be behind the LPL, but I think we’re better than the LEC. I don’t evaluate LEC that high. It might be worth comparing LCK bot lanes to the LPL, but with the LEC… There aren’t many teams that stand out. Maybe Rogue or Misfits? I don’t think they’re that good.”

Later in the conversation, Showmaker also shared his feelings about the upcoming Worlds and stated that they have a good idea of how to win such a tournament. Right now, they are working to fix their mistakes and become a solid team.

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